Tapes suffering from "Sticky-Shed Syndrome" require a precise baking to dehydrate the tapes prior to transfer.

3/4 inch Umatic tapes and Ampex 456 2 inch Audio tapes are notorious for "Sticky-Shed Syndrome"

3/4 inch Umatic videotape - (baking) $20.00 per tape

1/4 inch audio tape - (baking) $20.00 per tape 

2 inch Audio tape - (baking) $45.00 per tape 

Professional tape degaussing is a smart choice if you plan on re-recording over used analog audio or video tapes or plan on disposing them and want to feel secure that the information on them won't get into the hands of unauthorized individuals.

$1.00 per tape degaussed. (1/4 & 1/2 inch tapes)

$2.00 per tape degaussed. (3/4 & 1 inch tapes)

$10.00 per tape degaussed. (2 inch tapes)

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