DCP - Digital Cinema Package /  DPX - Digital Picture Exchange

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DCP: A Digital Cinema Package or "DCP", is a digital master made for distribution to Digital Cinema Theaters.

A DCP is the digital equivalent of a film print.

Digital Cinema projection systems are rapidly becoming the choice of playback in movie theaters and film festivals around the world.

DPX: DPX files are not be designed to play in the customary sense. Most applications in which DPX files may be played will be professional; this is not a format intended for desktop PC applications 

File format for the exchange of resolution-independent, pixel-based (bitmapped) images, intended for very high quality moving image content for theatrical distribution;

DPX masters provide the input for film recording (digital images back to film for projection) or D-Cinema digital projection systems

DPX files contain three sections in addition to picture data: (1) generic file information including data format, (2) motion picture and television industry specific information such as film perforation edge number or video timecode information, and (3) user-defined information which may include ASCII data. Since each DPX frame is "one of tens of thousands" in a motion picture, users will track intellectual/bibliographic metadata separately from the set of DPX files.


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